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Mobile Home PartsFor top-level mobile home repair services in Lansing, Ingham County, Delta Charter Township, and East Lansing, MI, there’s no better option than Aardvark Mfg. Home Service & Supply. Our team goes above and beyond to provide you with the products and services you need to enjoy a home that’s safe, secure, comfortable and in full working order.

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Repairs, replacements and installations

Our service division is adept at repairing, replacing and installing products and materials across all of the major areas of your mobile or manufactured home. Some of our focuses include:

  • Furnaces: We’re able to offer inspections, cleanings, general repairs and even replacement units. We’ll keep the heat flowing when the harsh Midwest winter rolls in.
  • Water heaters: Our team can inspect and replace water heaters and their peripheral mobile home parts—especially the flooring around and under them.
  • Air Conditioners: Call us to clean, inspect, repair, and replace your AC unit when failures arise.
  • Subfloor repairs: From water damage to wear, subflooring can become damaged over time. Contact us for repairs you can count on, to restore the integrity to your flooring.
  • Mobile home skirting and siding: We install and repair mobile home skirting in Lansing, MI, protecting your undercarriage and all plumbing contained there. We also offer maintenance for mobile home siding.
  • Window replacement: Got a damaged window? We’ll replace it to restore the integrity and strength of the pane. It’ll help improve your home’s energy efficiency and resilience against weather.
  • Kitchen and bath: We replace tubs, sinks, faucets and fixtures, as well as the plumbing that comes with them. Our goal is to keep the water running in your home!
  • Doors: We have a great selection of interior and exterior doors, as well as patio doors. Our service capabilities include installation and replacement.
  • Mobile home awnings: In addition to mobile and manufactured homes, we also install mobile home awnings! We work strictly with aluminum (no canvas) and provide homeowners with non-retractable, permanent structure awnings.
  • Undercarriages: A vapor barrier that holds the insulation in place and helps to keep moisture out of the insulation. With the insulation in place, the duct work is protected and reduces the chance of pipes freezing. A typical undercarriage repair is closing up small holes in the vapor barrier. Sometimes we remove and replace small sections of insulation. The worst case is to remove all of the vapor barrier and insulation then replace it.

Brands we offer

In addition to an impressive repertoire of mobile home repair services, we also stock a wide range of mobile home parts in Lansing, MI. We rely on industry-best brand names across all of the products we carry, including recognizable manufacturers such as:

  • BJI Industries
  • Dura-Bilt
  • Weatherproof
  • Elixor
  • Nordyne
  • Foxlite

Our service department can competently repair, replace, and install all parts of your manufactured home such as:


  • Metal Frame
  • Thermopane

  • Combination Front Doors
  • Single Out Swing Doors
  • Screen Doors
  • Patio Doors

  • Window & Door Hoods
  • Patio Covers
  • Carports
  • Home Inspections

  • Leaky Water Lines & Pipes
  • Outside Spickets
  • Freeze & Breaks
  • Frozen Pipes
  • Winter Checks

  • Inspections
  • Cleaning
  • Repair
  • Replacement
  • Air Conditioning:
  • Inspections
  • Cleaning
  • Replacements
Kitchen and Bath:

  • Bath Tubs
  • Showers
  • Wall Surrounds
  • Tub & Shower Doors
  • Faucets
  • Sinks
  • Toilets
  • Exaust Fans
  • Range Hoods
  • Garbage Disposals
Water Heaters:

  • Inspections
  • Replacements
  • Floor Replacement
  • Heat Cables
  • Duct Work Repair
  • Under Carriage Repair
  • Sub Floor Repair

  • Align & Refit
  • Replacement
  • Steps
  • Fiberglass
  • Wood
  • Mini Decks
  • Railings

For more information about all of the mobile home parts and manufactured home repair services offered by Aardvark Mfg. Home Service & Supply, visit our showroom today or contact us by calling 517-487-6295.

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